Precision Electronic Humidors for long term preservation of cigars

Small Cabinet THC system-$1100.00

5-12 cubic feet

10-20 degrees of temperature drop for average cabinet & insulation*.

Temp control range 2 degrees F

Rh control range 2%

Coolkit-Single Peltier    Component Listing


Wiring diagram, diagram for cooling unit mount

Instructions on building insulation panels for sides & doors

Operating manuals

2 hours technical consulting via phone or email

Individual components

1 ea  Set & Forget 530 V5 control-temperature & humidity

1 ea  80 watt THC  thermoelectric cooling unit (272 BTU/hr)

1 ea  1.5 qt clear top humidifier w extra wick

1 ea  24VDC power board with solid state switch & covers

1 ea  condensate trap & drain hose

1 ea   40mm (1.5”) remote fan w mounting block

Cables-Cables have either color coded molex connectors or U-crimped terminals

1 ea  110V power cable w ground plug  w 3/8” cable clamp

1 ea  24VDC power cable to control   (label P, red)

1 ea  8 ft humidification cable    (label H, blue)

1 ea   8 ft cooling cable   (label C, green)

1 ea  4 ft remote fan cable  (label, R, white)

1 ea  16 ga cooler cable power cable   ( red/black)

Screws & miscellaneous

2 ea  #6 x ½”-control,  4 ea #8 x 1” stainless-cooler, 4 ea #6 x 1”-power board

2 ea  #4 brass-condensate trap

10 ea  cable management clips & #6 x ½” screws

1 ea  interior cable wrap-3 ft

1 ea exterior cable wrap-1 ft

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