Precision Electronic Humidification for long term preservation of cigars

SITRAD Inbox-  Remote Access System

Monitor, Alerts and Change Programming from  anywhere with internet access

 Aristocrat Set & Forget humidification system

Cell Phone and/or PC Access

Electronic Humidification  Contact Temperature-Rh System Guitar & Instrument Humidifiers  Set & Forget Humidifier Replacement Parts  


Operating Instructions/Manuals      Ultrasonic & Commercial Humidifier Parts   

Sitrad Inbox acts as a data server to monitor & allow fully functional access for up to 32 remote controls per Inbox from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Access is direct through connection to local WiFi or ethernet system connection.

No ongoing 3rd party subscription service is required as the Inbox creates it’s own IP address for direct connection

Change any of the temp, humidity, auxilliary & underlying alarm & operating functions from anywhere.

Create alert notifications if the system falls outside desired parameters

Dim: 3 3/4” w x 3 3/8” d x 1 3/8” H

Backwards compatible with all 530 controls w Set & Forget humidification

Real Time remote access to current conditions & output

Menu of instrument options

Change any of the 45 operational parameters in real time from remote location

Screenshot of PC remote access

Sitrad Remote Inbox

1 ea remote Inbox

1 ea 5V power supply

1 ea 8 ft connecting cable


Cost:  $399.00