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ARISTOCRAT M  Cabinet Humidors
Starting at $1469.00    50+ Box Storage
The Aristocrat M & M+ Cabinet Humidors are for maximum storage in a bookcase footprint. 

A combination of the unparalled precision of computerized cutting technology & old fashioned hand craftsmenship & finishing. 

The net result is an exquisite piece of furniture & an outstanding humidor at an affordable price. 

All of the Aristocrat drawer, molding & wood options are available

*Self closing euro hinges, upper & lower magnets for secure seal 
*Solid Brass hardware 
*Adjustable shelves 
*Note the full extension drawer for easy  access. 
*Commercial grade roller slides 
*Ventilation slots in the drawer are angled to allow versatile storage 
*Tempered glass  or flat panel wood door is standard. 

*Digital Set & Forget Electronic humidification is standard.

Aristocrat M Cabinets  50+ box storage

Aristocrat M- Dark Red Mahogany
Inlay Top & Glass Door
Note solid spanish cedar shelves,drawers

 Aristocrat M Crown 
Dark Red Mahogany
 Inlay Top-  Custom Glass

Aristocrat M Crown 
Black Walnut
Walnut Burl Doors, Glass Top
Aristocrat M Cabinet - $1469.00 
Dimensions:  38"W x 17"D x 36" H

Aristocrat M-25D Cabinet- $1669.00 
Dimensions:  38"W x 25"D x 36" H

Aristocrat M THC Cabinet- $2719.00 Temp & RH Controlled
Dimensions:  38"W x 20"D x 36" H 
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Digital Set & Forget System & Clear Top Humidifiers
Remote Fan in drawer are to ensure even distribuition
M Cabinets use the 1.5 qt size.

Aristocrat M Cabinets  50+ box storage


Dark Red Mahogany
Inlay Top - Note the delicate inlay band
& custom edge profile

Aristocrat M 25D
Crown Molding & Inlay Top
Full extension shelves

Aristocrat M THC
Natural Mahogany
Crown Inlay Top
Custom "Cigars" Glass Doors

  Examples  of  wood & options
Click on photo's-text for larger view

Standard Configurations


DX Upper Accessory/Cigar Drawers


Various Combinations of Figured Woods, Options or Glass

Various Combination of Figured Woods, Options or Glass

 Click here for Temperature & Humidity controlled Aristocrat Plus Cabinets


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